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U.S. Honey Production Falls 6 Percent, Prompting Higher Prices
USAgNet - 03/19/2021

U.S. honey production in 2020 totaled 148 million pounds, down 6% from 2019 levels. There were 2.71 million colonies producing honey in 2020, down 4% from 2019. Yield per colony averaged 54.5 pounds, down 2% from the 55.8 pounds in 2019.

Colonies which produced honey in more than one state were counted in each state where the honey was produced. Colonies were not included if honey was not harvested. Producer honey stocks were 39.7 million pounds on December 15, 2020, down 3% from a year earlier. Stocks held by producers exclude those held under the commodity loan program.

Meanwhile, prices increased 2% during 2020 to $2.03 per pound, compared to $1.99 per pound in 2019. Prices for each color class are derived by weighting the quantities sold for each marketing channel. Prices for the 2019 crop reflect honey sold in 2019 and 2020. Some 2019 crop honey was sold in 2020, which caused some revisions to the 2019 crop prices.

The average prices paid in 2020 for honey bee queens, packages, and nucs were $18, $84, and $105 respectively. Pollination income for 2020 was $254 million, down 18% from 2019. Other income from honey bees in 2020 was $55.8 million, down 28% from 2019.

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