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Americans Are Eating Less Fruits, Veggies
USAgNet - 03/19/2021

Americans are eating produce just once a day, according to Produce for Better Health Foundation research.

Fruit and vegetable consumption has declined almost 10% since 2004, despite decades of industry and public health efforts, according to newly "State of the Plate: America's Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Trends," a 2020 foundation study.

The sharpest decline was the 16% drop in vegetable consumption frequency, followed by a 15% reduction in juice intake. Data indicates the trend is worsening every year.

This underconsumption is pervasive and persistent among all age groups, foundation president and CEO Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, a registered dietitian, said in a news release.

"A decline in fruit and vegetable eating occasions does not bode well for the future of fruit and vegetable intake and, most importantly, Americans' health and happiness," she said.

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